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Welcome to our new mill shop.

Here you will find a selection of products that you can conveniently buy for your home. All products are also used in our à la carte service.

Whether ingeniously refined chocolate, delicious sauces, soups or homemade syrup.


We are happy when our products make you happy. 

Take a look around...

You are welcome to purchase the products in our mill restaurant...

while stocks last.


A strong beef broth for the cold season

For the soup lovers among you, we have come up with something special.

Our hearty beef broth, made from the finest meat, is best enjoyed on its own, with an addition or as a basis for other stews.

Price 6.95 euros / 0.5 l 


Homemade herb jus

A basic sauce based on the sections

our quality meat.
Enjoy this sauce with all meat dishes. Refined with roasted mushrooms and some cream or with wild cranberries for game dishes.

There are almost no limits to the use of this product. During production we only use flawless products,
as you can expect from our house.


Try it yourself...


Price: 7.95 euros 0.5 l

Frisches Bio-Gemüse

Homemade vegetarian herb jus

Here, too, we have put a lot of thought into it.

After a few attempts, our sous chef Rüdiger has developed a really excellent vegetarian alternative to the classic basic meat sauce.

This is based on all forest mushrooms.

The mushrooms give the sauce an incomparable umami taste and it is ideal for all kinds of dishes.

Even non-vegetarians love the taste of this product.

Price : 8.95 euros / 0.5 l


velvet soup

For the cuddly time we have selected one of our best-selling dishes.

The chestnuts are fried vigorously with onions, celery and some cinnamon. Then cooked with chicken stock and cream until soft. Finely pureed, strained and then bottled. 

In just a few minutes you can heat this product at home and enjoy 2 servings. 


Price : 8.95 euros / 0.5 l


Nadine's quince syrup

Our dear cook Nadine has a knack for all kinds of syrup. 
This time she came up with a quince syrup.
Give sparkling wine or just water a great taste.
We, all mill spirits, are enthusiastic about this product, which is why we offer our own iced tea in our restaurant with quince syrup.

Price : 4.95 euros / 0.2 l


For the sweeties among you….

We have also thought of something for you. Refined broken chocolate. On the one hand there is our dark chocolate with caramelized pumpkin seeds and ginger and on the other hand, perfect for a cozy evening at home, milk chocolate with roasted almonds.

We have been working with Callebaut chocolates for many years now. A traditional Belgian company that has been known for the quality of its products for more than 100 years.


Crunchy Chocolate “Crispy Pumpkin Seed”

Price: 6.75 euros / 150 g 


Chocolate “Merry Christmas”

Price: 6.75 euros / 150 g

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