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Starters and soup

Freshly baked mill bread with salted butter

4.50 euros

Homemade garden salads with marinated lettuce leaves,
Egg and butter croutons

8.50 euros

Freshly chopped tartare (120 g) from the Franconian young bull
with miso mayo, parmesan and stone oven baguettes

17.50 euros

Fine spicy avocado tartare with three fried king prawns,
marinated wild herbs and garlic baguettes

17.50 euros

Pumpkin cream soup with Styrian seed oil and cress

8.50 euros



Vegetarian and vegan

Poké Vegan
Lukewarm sushi rice in a spicy wasabi-soy marinade

with cucumber, tomatoes, edamame, mango, chia seeds,

roasted cashew nuts and miso may

14.50 euros

Porcini mushroom cream in forest mushroom cream 
with parmesan and marinated meadow herbs

17.50 euros


meat and fish


Steak from Aberdeen Black Roast Beef (Origin: Australia)
with bacon beans, Café de Paris butter, fried onions and stealth fries

36.50 euros

Pink roasted lamb hip (origin: New Zealand)
on strong herbal jus, bacon beans and mashed nut butter

27.50 euros

Tenderly braised ox cheeks (origin: Germany)
on glazed autumn vegetables and nut butter stamp

23.50 euros



Slices of roasted pink venison (origin: Itzgrund)
on cranberry sauce, flower sprouts and potato noodle

34.50 euros

Fillet of black halibut 
on balsamic butter sauce, glazed vegetables and fragrant rice

29.50 euros


Poké "Salmon Style"
Lukewarm sushi rice in a spicy wasabi-soy marinade with cucumber,
Tomatoes, edamame, mango, chia seeds, roasted cashew nuts
and pickled “Label Rouge Salmon” with Miso Mayo

EUR 19, 50


“Wohlschbacher Schnitzel” (origin: Franconia / butcher's shop Luther)
Fried in barrel butter, with creamed carrots and fried potatoes

16.50 euros


Old Mill Supreme Burger
Juicy roasted beef patty (origin: Franconia / butcher's shop Luther)
with crispy bacon, avocado, Emmentaler,

homemade burger sauce and stealth frie

18.50 euros




Panna cotta with homemade red fruit jelly

7.50 euros

Pineapple ragout with ginger (vegan)
Coconut blueberry ice cream and caramelized buckwheat

8.50 euros 
Lukewarm chocolate tart with a liquid core,
fresh berries and cassissa sorbet

10.50 euros