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Evening menu


Starters and soup

Marinated olives with basil pesto, finely sliced salami,
homemade spiced butter and mill bread

Euros 9.50

Marinated winter salads in raspberry dressing,
fresh vegetables, herb crème fraîche and butter croutons

Euros 9.50

Gourmet sandwich with fried king prawns and scallops
with black caviar

Euro 1 9.50

Carrot-ginger soup
with cress cream

Euro 8.50


Dried tomato and eggplant tartare (vegan)
with toasted mill bread and lime mayo

Euro 16.50





Vegetarianh & Vegan

Beetroot ravioli (vegan)

in vegan bacon and onion stock with fresh herbs

Euro 21,50


Handmade porcini mushroom panzerotti

in truffled wild mushroom cream and parmesan cheese

Euro 21,50




Rump steak from US beef with Cafe de Paris butter,
bacon beans, kimchi mayo and Super Crunch Fries

Euro 42,50

Fillet steak from the Australian Aberdeen Black 
on bacon beans, kimchi mayo and Super Crunch Fries

Euro 54,50



Beef Bourguignon from American US Beef

on strong herb jus, tossed vegetables and mashed potatoes

Euro 39.50

Pink roasted salt marsh lamb
on herb jus, bacon beans and potato gratin

Euro 32.50

Wohlschbacher Schnitzel from Franconian straw pig
in a fine marinade, creamed carrots and fried potatoes

Euros 18.50




Linguine in lobster sauce,
with fried prawns and game fish

Euro 34.50


Fillet of river pike perch

on cream sauerkraut and baked potatoes

Euro 29.50

Risotto mit Meeresfrüchten



Duet of “Opera cake” and raspberry macaron
with cassis sorbet

Euro 13,50
Forest fruit panna cotta tart
with yoghurt ice cream and lime crisp

Euro 11,50

Chocolate caramel cake with blood orange gel
and vanilla ice cream

Euro 11,50 

The junior boss recommends a glass of rum
Botucal Reserva Exclusiva Venezuela, 4 cl

Euro 7.40 

Iced coffee mill style

1 scoop vanilla ice cream | Espressoo | Kahlua | cream

Euro 8.00

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