Starters and soup



Homemade garden salads with marinated lettuce leaves,
Egg and bacon croutons

8.50 euros


Freshly chopped tartare (120 g) from the Franconian young bull
with truffle mayonnaise, parmesan and stone oven baguettes

17.50 euros


Gourmet “mill style” sandwich with spicy avocado tartare,
3 fried king prawns and “Imperial Gold” caviar

18.50 euros


Spicy tomato cream soup with cream and butter croutons

8.50 euros


Cold cucumber bowl with yogurt, mint
and homemade herbal oil

7.00 euros



Vegetarian and vegan



“Alte Mühle Vegan Burger”
with smoked tofu, braised onion and mushroom vegetables,
au gratin with herb cheese, aioli and Amaizeing fries

18.50 euros


Wide fresh ribbon noodles
with truffled chanterelle ragout and parmesan shavings

20.50 euros



meat and fish




Steak from Aberdeen Black Roast Beef (Origin: Australia)
with bacon beans, Cafe de Paris butter, fried onions and Amaizeing fries

34.50 euros


Steak from Aberdeen Black beef fillet (Origin: Australia)
with creamy chanterelles, fried broccoli
and amaizeing frieze

47.50 euros


Fried sole (origin: North Sea)

with creamy leaf spinach and fried buttered potatoes

39.50 euros


Grilled fillet from the label Rouge salmon (origin: Scotland)

with sea asparagus and creamy pearl barley

29.50 euros


Regionality Hoch2 - The straw pig and the Franconian young bull


In cooperation with our house and farm butcher Luther, we have now added the straw pig to our menu for you. The straw pig is comparable to the Iberico pig, as it is characterized by a higher fat content in the meat.

The pigs are bred regionally and are cut into special cuts for us by the butcher's shop Luther. Try for yourself why they found their way onto our map.


“Wohlschbacher Schnitzel” (origin: Franconia / Luther meat shop)

Fried in barrel butter, with cream carrots and fried potatoes

16.50 euros


Old Mill Supreme Burger

Tenderly roasted beef patty (origin: Franconia / Luther meat shop)

with fried Mediterranean vegetables, Serrano ham, Emmentaler,

homemade burger sauce and Amaizeing fries

19.50 euros







Creme brûlee from the tonka bean
with pear sorbet

8.50 euros


White basil chocolate parfait
with marinated strawberries, butter crumbles and strawberry gel euro


Curd mousse in a glass
with mango passion fruit compote and biscuit

8.50 euros