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Gerste Felder

Our contribution to a clean environment

Discover a place where relaxation and sustainability go hand in hand.

Be our guest and experience how we are committed to a greener future - without compromising on comfort and quality.

Come to us and experience the difference.

Because it's not just water that flows here - the future of the sustainable hotel industry flows here!

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Sustainable energy right under your feet - our hotel relies on environmentally friendly hydroelectric power!

As you immerse yourself in the comfort of our rooms, nature works right beneath you to power our operations with green energy.
Thanks to our innovative run-of-river power plant, we use the continuous flow of water to drive a turbine and generate clean, renewable electricity. The special? We do not need a dam or large infrastructure.

Our power plant harmonises perfectly with the natural course of the water and thus protects the surrounding flora and fauna.

Why is this so important to us?

  • Environmentally friendly energy: With our run-of-river power plant, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and actively contribute to environmental protection.

  • Local energy source: The power of the water that flows through our region is converted into electrical energy directly on site.

  • Sustainable Tourism: We pride ourselves on offering our guests a stay that is not only comfortable but also in harmony with nature.

Die Hände in den Boden


We put sustainability first, and that's why we're proud that our hotel introduced geothermal energy as an environmentally friendly source of energy back in 1995.

By using the natural thermal energy stored deep inside the earth, we can heat our hot water in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Our geothermal system consists of a closed network of pipes buried deep in the ground.

A liquid circulates through these pipes, absorbing the thermal energy from the ground and sending it to our heat pump. This innovative technology allows us to use thermal energy efficiently while reducing CO2 emissions.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our guests a comfortable stay,

without polluting the environment. 


Hotel and restaurant linen

Sustainability is an important concern for us in the house.

For this reason, we wash our hotel and restaurant linen in-house and attach great importance to environmentally friendly action.

The internal laundry allows us to control the entire washing process and ensure

that environmentally friendly methods are used. 

With the internal laundry, we reduce the transport effort and thus minimize our carbon footprint.

We are proud that we can make a contribution to environmental protection in this way.

In addition, we also focus on sustainability in other areas of our hotel. We pay attention to the efficient use of energy and water, use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and support local suppliers to strengthen the regional economy.

We not only want to offer our guests a pleasant stay, but also help to protect the environment.

By staying with us, you too are contributing to a sustainable future.



When it comes to purchasing, we also attach great importance to sustainability and supporting the local economy.

For this reason, we strive to buy largely regional products and to support our local dealers.


Our kitchen uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to offer you an authentic and delicious dining experience. We work closely with local butchers, bakers and suppliers to ensure

that our dishes are of the highest quality.

By buying regional products, we not only support the local economy, but also avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions caused by the transport of food.

We are proud to be part of a community and want to do our part to strengthen it.

We look forward to introducing you to the beauty and taste of our region.

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